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A Place to Dance, Draw, Wiggle, and Rest in God.


Who We Are

GRACE GATHERING is a welcoming worship experience for people of diverse ages, abilities, and faith journeys. It is a place where families and caregivers worship along-side those they care for in a service that makes room for wiggles and shouts.

Clergy and trained volunteers will lead worship using interactive Bible stories, music, movement, and tactile, sensory and kinesthetic activities. When paired with bread and wine (or juice), prayers and hymns, the church service and community become accessible to children and adults of diverse abilities.

Parents / caregivers enjoy the informal atmosphere of GRACE GATHERING and have time to share stories, hopes and dreams. 

The service is planned and hosted by Holy Communion Episcopal Church in University City.

**The photo to the right is from Rhythms of Grace, which is similar to Grace Gathering**

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Join us!

We are currently meeting virtually online, one Sunday each month at 4:00PM. Please contact us to receive the worship schedule.


“As hard as we tried, our son couldn’t be still. Too old for the nursery, church was a struggle. We left feeling more drained than renewed. Grace Gathering will give families the worship experience we so needed.”

–Sandra, Grace Gathering volunteer



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