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We are committed to providing rest, relationship and  renewal through home, church and community.  
Grace Gatherings is grounded in an inclusive, expansive Loving God  who calls us to become the beloved community. Grace Gatherings is a service and justice  ministry to develop rest and relationship with people with diverse abilities, neurodiversity and developmental delays and their caregivers.   
We strive to accompany individuals and their caregivers  at home, schools and in community through useful, practical and consistent relationships in small helps such as providing a Synapsory Calming Kit, or a meal ,in offering respite,  in offering emotional and spiritual support,and in being an ally, for individuals and caregivers.


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Looking for the Language of Love

Our Study Group begins Wednesday October 27th
reach out to the Rev. Julie Graham for more information


“As hard as we tried, our son couldn’t be still. Too old for the nursery, church was a struggle. We left feeling more drained than renewed. Grace Gathering will give families the worship experience we so needed.”

–Sandra, Grace Gathering volunteer



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