The Rev. Mike Angell


The Rev. Mike Angell is the rector (head pastor) of the Episcopal Church of the Holy Communion.

Kia Williams


Kia Williams serves as the chair of the Grace Gathering team.

Bria Jones


Bria Jones serves as a musician for Grace Gathering. She also sings in the Holy Communion Choir, where she serves as Soprano Section Leader. Bria has worked with children of all ability levels in the music classroom setting, as well as in private voice and piano lessons. She is excited to begin this ministry with you and your families!

Brooke Myers


Brooke Myers moved to Saint Louis from California in 2001.  Before he retired in 2013, he served as rector of Holy Communion. Since then he has mainly served as a liturgical musician at various area parishes including St. Timothy’s in Crete Coeur, St. John’s in Saint Louis and Holy Communion.  Brooke has an adult son with OCD which gives him a special interest in the work of Grace Gathering.


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